Are The Trails Dry Yet?

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Trail Etiquette Tips....

Edmonton soils and trails are clay-based. That means they get pretty mucky when they are wet and are easily rutted if they are ridden that way. Ruts are hard to fix. Trust us on this. 

How do you know if a trail is too wet to ride? If your tires sink in and leave marks, you might want to stick to gravel for a few more days.  (We know, we know, the dirt season is short!)

So, are the trails dry yet?

And a few more tips to keep everyone smiling: 


  • Be aware of other trail users – all trails are multi-use and multi-directional

  • Mountain bikers yield to people on foot

  • Mountain bikers going down yield to mountain bikers going up

  • Bells and yells help others know you are on the trail

  • Stay alert and keep it mellow at trail exits and junctions

  • Stay in control of your bike

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